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Author: John Sweeney

GAA Physio: Managing Injuries For Players

GAA Physio is Essential in Preventing Muscle Strains. GAA Physio prevents injuries that occur at the most inconvenient moment and more often than not disrupt

can the weather make your body ache?
Pain Relief
Can the weather make your body ache?

Aches and pains are a common phenomenon that so many people experience as they mature. The reasons why our bodies feel a bit achy, sometimes

whiplash physiotherapy treatment
Back Pain
Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment

Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment helps people recover after a road traffic accident (RTA)  or an awkward fall. Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment is often required after a sudden

20 Top Tips For A Healthy 2020

Hello and happy 2020 to all our followers out there. Firstly we thank you hugely for your ongoing support and words of recommendation. Secondly, and

Is It OK To Exercise With A Stiff Neck?

There are a number of different treatment options that help with stiff or painful necks. Possibly the most effective treatment is exercise therapy focusing on

Physio treating a stiff neck
Head, Neck & Shoulder
Why Do I Have A Stiff Neck?

Are you suffering from a stiff neck? Do you wake up in the morning and start to slowly move your head from side to side

Head, Neck & Shoulder
Is Your Neck The Cause Of Your Shoulder Injuries?

Is your neck the cause of your shoulder injuries? You’ve heard the phrase before, “it’s all connected”. This phrase is certainly true for shoulder injuries.

stiff shoulder stretching exercises
Head, Neck & Shoulder
Is Your Stiff Shoulder Holding You Back?

Is Your Stiff Shoulder Holding You Back? Do you have difficulty reaching up to the top cupboard? Is it hard or painful to reach into

APC Fermoy & Cork low back pain
Back Pain
Exercises For Low Back Pain

What are better exercises for low back pain; Pilates, Yoga or Movement Revolution? Which are better exercises for low back pain? Is it Pilates, Yoga


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