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Chartered Physiotherapist

Are you a skilled and passionate chartered physiotherapist looking to make a meaningful impact in your career?

APC Physio & Sports Clinic is thrilled to offer an exceptional opportunity for a physiotherapist to join our dynamic team.

Why Choose APC Physio & Sports Clinic:

Competitive Compensation: We value your skills and dedication, offering a competitive employment package above industry standards. You’ll receive a competitive salary, performance bonuses, match cover bonuses, and pension and/or income protection options.

Career Growth Opportunities: At APC Physio & Sports Clinic, we are committed to supporting your professional growth and development. Access continuing education, mentorship programs, inservice training and clear pathways for career advancement. Your aspirations are essential, and we are here to financially support and nurture your goals.

Positive Work Culture: We pride ourselves on fostering a positive and inclusive work environment that promotes collaboration, teamwork, and open communication. We emphasise work-life balance and prioritise the well-being of our team members. Celebrating individual and team achievements creates a culture of encouragement and support.

Supportive Team Environment: Join our collaborative team with a focus on continuous learning and knowledge sharing. Each member plays a crucial role in our shared success.

Core Values and Mission: Our core values prioritise integrity, empathy, and patient-centred care. We seek a chartered physiotherapist who aligns with these values for compassionate and ethical patient care.

Clear Performance Metrics: We establish clear performance metrics and goals to ensure clarity and motivation. You’ll understand your individual and collective impact and experience a sense of accomplishment and accountability toward our shared mission.

Regular Team Meetings: Communication is vital in our clinic. We conduct regular team meetings to facilitate collaboration, align goals, and address any challenges or concerns. Your input and insights are integral to our progress.

Constructive Feedback and Support: We believe in open communication and provide regular performance evaluations and constructive feedback. This process helps you understand expectations, identify areas for growth, and celebrate your successes.

Encourage Innovation and Learning: We encourage an environment of innovation and continuous learning. Explore new treatment approaches, technologies, and evidence-based practices to enhance patient care and drive advancements in the field of physiotherapy.

Strong Ethical Standards: Upholding strong ethical standards is a cornerstone of our clinic. Integrity, empathy, and patient-centred care are non-negotiable values that guide our decision-making and daily interactions.

Celebrate Achievements: Your hard work and dedication deserve recognition. We celebrate individual and team achievements and hold staff events to maintain high morale and create a positive work environment. Your success is our success.


  • Minimum of two years of clinical experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
  • Proficiency or interest in delivering Pilates, Yoga, and/or resistance-based rehabilitation classes.
  • Successful track record in treating back pain and pelvic floor-related complaints.
  • A conscientious practitioner who values continuous learning, prides themselves with their clinical reasoning, knowledge and ever-evolving treatment efficacy
  • Additional skills such as pre/postnatal, acupuncture, dry needling, and match physio experience are an advantage.

Join APC Physio & Sports Clinic (based in Fermoy and Cork City), where your expertise, energy, and aspirations will be valued, supported, and celebrated. Take the next step in your career journey with us.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: €36,000.00-€58,000.00 per year

Location: Fermoy & Cork City
Apply with CV and cover letter to [email protected]