Sports Injuries -

Never Come at a good time But Do we really listen to our bodies?

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As all keen sports people know, an injury never comes at a good time.

There is nothing worse than one that could have been avoided (listen to your body and the warning signs) and now you have lost your place on the team that took you so long to earn. Take heed to the warning signs – you can avoid some injuries from happening.

Other avoidable injuries are the ones where the mind is very keen and the body is not able to keep up with the newly, highly motivated, full on, training regimes. This inevitably results in overload, which in simple terms is where the body breaks down because it cannot repair quick enough to the training loads, leaving your body with no options but to stop.
The thing is the body stops you because of pain, joint or tendon overload or soft tissue injury.

Contact Injuries – Are part of the game but require rehabilitation. Some injuries are just part and parcel of the games we love to play and compete in and can be due to contact or heavy impacts where ligaments are sprained, joints get bruised and swell up, but thankfully the vast majority of injuries are fixable.

Once our sports physios do a full movement screen to ID the chinks in the chain, a joint by joint analysis will test isolated muscle and ligament strength. You will then get a better understanding of what is wrong, how it can be treated and how you can start strengthening things back so that you get back to your best ASAP having completed our return to training protocols which will ensure that you do not break down again. The only thing you have to ask yourself here is,
‘ Are you ready to put in the work’?

What do I do if there is a more serious injury?

Some sports injuries require surgery such as ACL’s and cartilage in the knee, microdiscectomies in the Neck or Back, FAI in the Hip, Shoulder stabilisation or Rotator cuff repair in the Shoulder and a varied number of ligaments in the Ankle to mention a few of the more commonly encountered.

Most injuries can mend in time and how long they take depends on several factors, such as age, general health, biomechanics and fitness levels and very importantly previous injury history.

Once you have your injury assessed by one of our physios everything will be explained to you about what it is, how long it will take, how many sessions it will take and what you need to do on a weekly basis to build yourself back up to being able to return to training and eventually return to play, without, and this is the hard part, breaking down.

Our system will ensure you get back to full fitness competing with minimal chance of breaking down like you so often hear. Patrick’s (APC’s Lead Physio) experience working with elite level rugby (Munster & IRFU underage) is what you get when with APC Physio & Sports Clinic.