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In This Exclusive Guide We’ll Reveal:

3 Essential Things To Consider Before Surgery

6 Ways To Ensure A Speedy, Straightforward Recovery After Surgery

Why Rest & Medication are not the best

More Ways APC Can Help Reduce Recovery Time And Overall Success

At APC PHYSIO & SPORTS CLINIC we love to help people return to normal life as quickly as possible after undergoing hip or knee surgery. 

We help each of our clients through our tried-and-tested, step-by-step process that helps accelerate their recovery, reduce pain and allow them to regain movement with meaningful and long-lasting results in just a few months. 

For the first time, we’ve put this easy-to-follow process onto paper and you can GET IT FREE NOW

Here's What Clients Have To Say About Us:

My Dad had his knee replaced 3 months ago and after his sessions with Fionnula he's made a full recovery. He had issues with his knee since he had an accident that required surgery in his 20s. Now in his 70s his knee is pain free for the first time and he's back farming.
I had a double knee replacement. My first session with Patrick was 2 days later and for next 3 months I was with him every week. It was very difficult, physically and mentally but the attention given to me by Patrick was superb. It wasn’t just treatment, it was motivation, reassurance, encouragement and a gentle kick in the a.. when needed. His attention to detail was incredible- sending me videos of exercises, varying his methods of treatment, checking up on me between sessions. I felt some days that I wasn’t going to get back to normal but he kept me going and now just over 6 months later I can walk almost perfectly, cycle, swim and very shortly I hope to play a game of golf. While I did work hard I am certain without Patrick’s guidance and motivation I would not be as good as I am. He was more than just a Physio to me and I owe him a huge debt!!
David Ryan

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