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Why We Get People 120% Stronger and Correct Imbalances

There is nothing more frustrating than being injured. That is a fact. 

After months of dedication, time, effort, sacrifice all you deserve is to be able to perform.  

For some that’ll be running that race to get your new PB or putting in your best championship performance in your career. 

So why exactly do we advise people to get 120% stronger and correct imbalances ?

What are the benefits? Are there any side effects?

Benefits include increased strength. This means that you can do more work and endure physical stress with less strain on the body.  

Let’s use the example of calf raise strength.  Take a 10 kg dumbbell in your right arm , lift your left foot off the floor with your knee to hip height, then start doing a heel raise to the tempo of ‘ one ‘ second up and ‘one second down. Keep this rhythm, ensuring your hips do not rock.    

Count how many reps you can do before you get tired.  You will feel the burn and or start losing height on your heel raise. 

Repeat this on the other side. Compare your scores between the right and left sides?

If you can do fifteen on the right and twelve on the left that equates to a 20% deficit between sides. This would be considered a significant imbalance and is highly likely to lead to further compensations. 

The end result would be overload to other tissues on that or the opposite side. This may start off as a niggle or a ‘pain I can deal with’, and then as the training frequency and intensity increase, would brew into a bigger problem entirely. The end result is tissue strain (injury) that requires treatments, training modification which is going to affect your training goals. 

This principle can be applied through the rest of the body and is how we assess athletes at APC Physio & Sports Clinic. 

Once any subtle imbalance is detected then we design a bespoke prehabilitation programme that is specific to what your body needs.  

We do not use a cookie cutter template , but really get into the fine details that will help correct any compensations and build a base of strength resulting in a more robust body. 

From there we then support our keen sports people to continue their strength programmes so that they end up at least 20% stronger than they are now. 

Have you ever heard anyone say that they are too strong?


If you want to get your body checked from tip to toe so you know what your imbalances are and what exactly needs to be done to improve then click here to book an appointment now. 


If you want more info about this feel free to book a  Free Consultation here with one of our sports physios to get a bit more insight. 

If you have an injury history and have not done specific rehab to correct the injury then there is a high likelihood of a weakness above or below the old injury.

If you had a tendon, muscle or old back problem then these types of injuries result in new movement patterns . These are compensations and may be the reason for your niggling pain that just won’t resolve or recurring injury.

Give us a call on 025 35015.

We’d be delighted to help out.

Move well, feel well, be well


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