Hip/Groin Pain

Hip & Groin Pain is Complex and often goes misdiagnosed.

It can last for many months.

The key is to catch it early!

The hip is a ball and socket joint that acts as the connecting point between the legs and spine. The groin refers to the area on the inside of the thigh. The hip comprises many overlapping muscles, tendons and ligaments which are important in both movement of and stability.

Both areas are pivotal in providing movement, stability and force transmission between the upper and lower limbs.

The sources of hip pain and groin pain are numerous and multifactorial.

These include simple muscular and tendon strains, degenerative tendon issues, pelvic floor injury or related pain, hernias, hip joint injury, abdominal and rib cage related pain.

There is also the possibility that pain from in your hip being related to your back or your lower limb.

Simply put there is a lot going on in this area!

Is Surgery Overused?

Injury to and around the hip joint & labrum is more often a chronic issue which can occur over a number of months and years.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of athletes who are having surgical intervention due to ‘’impingement’’ or abnormal rubbing/pressure occurring between the ball and socket joint of the hip.

tendinopathy hero

The research would suggest that this surgery provides good short term results (>12 months) but it has not been shown to be more effective than ‘’non operated on hips’’, after 24 months (Ferreira et. al, 2021).

With this in mind, early intervention is key for athletes to avoid serious injury, which could potentially impact the quality and longevity of their professional, amateur or recreational sporting careers.

Athletes with hip and groin injury will experience pain, strength reductions, decreases in range of motion, as well as a reduced ability to perform simple daily activities like walking, cleaning, physical labour and stairs climbing.

Therefore, it is vital for any athlete or active person to get the best possible assessment and tailored rehabilitation for this area.

A Thorough Assessment Is The Key

This is why at APC, we strive to simplify this seemingly complex area and get to the true stressor of what is causing the pain.

By way of an accurate assessment, we form a plan based on these findings and each person’s own goals.

We explain this thoroughly and then guide you through your own personalised rehabilitation plan.

We explain this thoroughly and then guide you through your own personalised rehabilitation plan.

Ultimately, we want to empower you with the knowledge and skills so that you can effectively manage and help insure against future hip and groin injuries from occurring.

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