Hip & Knee Pain

Is your quality of life being affected by hip and knee pain?

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Stiff Hips or Knees

What would you do to be able to walk, go for a hike, do the gardening and possibly even jog again without experiencing achy pain and stiffness in your knees and hips for hours if not days afterwards?

You know you are starting to slow down and are no longer able to do as much as before because your hip and knee pain is gradually affecting your ability to be physically active and sometime you feel a tightness in your lower back that wasn’t there before because your body is compensating.

You know that at this stage of your life that being as fit and active as possible is very important because all of the current medical advice states that exercise is the medicine to cure all ailments. Without it the body is not as healthy as it could be. You need to take action against your hip and knee pain if it is holding you back.

Are you considering hip or knee surgery

Firstly it is very important to be aware that the diagnosis of Osteoarthritic change in the hip or knee joint doesn’t not immediately imply that you need a hip or knee replacement. 

APC Physio & Sports Clinics treatment approach is the same used by APC physios and Patrick Hanley (APC’s Lead Physio) during his years of experience working with elite level athletes, physiotherapists and strength coaches in Munster Rugby, leading professionals around to world  and currently with the IRFU.

The approach is designed so that your pain will be reduced for good by building up the muscles around your hip and knee and loosen up the joints with effective hands on techniques. This will leave you feeling less sore with noticeably improved movement in stiff hips and knees and the ability to walk for longer without pain or stiffness.

Then you will be perfectly placed to get back to your hike, round of golf or dancing that had been impossible to even consider due to hip and knee pain.

Have you already decided on Surgery?

Did you know that preparing for hip and knee surgery in the right way is just as important as your rehabilitation afterwards?

Getting the right support from the right people at the right time can significantly impact your outcome and recovery time, reduce the risk of complications and get you back to your best as soon as possible.

At APC PHYSIO & SPORTS CLINIC we love to help people return to normal life as quickly as possible after undergoing hip or knee surgery. 

For the first time, we’ve put this easy-to-follow process onto paper and you can GET IT FREE NOW

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Why Rest & Medication are not the best

More Ways APC Can Help Reduce Recovery Time And Overall Success

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Pre operative Exercise Program

  • Reduce your risk of post-operative complications
  • Prepare your muscles for the rigours of the surgery and afterwards
  • Reduce your recovery times

Post operative Exercise Program

  • Pain Relief
  • Mobility
  • How to use crutches effectively
  • How to go up & down the stairs safely
  • Stretching and Strengthening

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