Luke Gibbons

Certified Athletic Therapist

Areas of interest/expertise

Back, hip and foot injuries

Progressive exercise prescription and soft tissue management

Biopsychosocial approach


Luke is a Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT) and specialises in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries throughout the body, as well as sports related injuries. Luke’s therapeutic approach involves listening to the patient’s  complete injury story, thorough assessment and formulating an achievable treatment plan for the individual which includes appropriate advice (and sometimes breathing techniques), hands on treatment and specific progressive exercise which all aim to optimise the patient’s recovery and rehabilitation from injury

His experience includes over 10 years of working in both private practice clinic settings and teams of all levels from recreational to elite level. This includes numerous men and women’s soccer national league teams since graduation. He also worked with Wicklow GAA for 6 years and numerous individual sports people, until he moved to Cork for his latest venture at APC.


He also really enjoys working with non-sporting populations. What is most important to him, is that he can help in guiding and providing meaningful changes to a person’s life. This includes helping them get over their pain, give them the independence to help themselves with an individualised exercise program and ultimately, get  clients back to doing what is meaningful to them. This can include playing sport at the highest level or just being able to do ordinary everyday tasks again, both are equally rewarding


Luke has a keen interest in sports, but particularly enjoys trail running and Brazilian jiu jitsu, as well as being a big fan of music of all kinds.

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