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The PNOE Fitness Test provides the most personalized fitness programming based on individualized metabolic data.We are delighted to announce that the gold standard fitness test in nutrition and workout development is now available at APC Physio and Sports Clinic

What is the PNOE assessment?

The PNOE fit test is the GOLD standard means of testing VO2 fitness which has a direct correlation with living a long, healthy life. 

This testing procedure provides a breath-by-breath analysis of how your whole body functions. The fit test results are broken down into the following main sections; lung function, cardiac health, metabolic efficiency, VO2 max, muscle fibre composition and how your posture affects your performance, fat-burning efficiency and aerobic health.

The fitness test protocols will also determine your resting metabolic rates and/or your metabolic demands during exercise.

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View a Sample PNOE Fitness Report

What Will My PNOE Fitness TestTell Me?

Your PNOE Assessment report will tell you everything you need to know about your heart health, lung function and fitness levels compared to other people of your age and gender.

It will also provide you with information on the precise heart rate you should exercise at to burn fat efficiently, referred to as your ‘Fat Max Zone’.

The overall fitness test will also identify if there are any underlying heart or lung issues. It will also reveal your ‘VO2 Peak’, often referred to as VO2 Max. This is a sign of your overall fitness and has a strong correlation with overall health and wellbeing.

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How Much Does It Cost

Silver Package

199 Per test
  • The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • The Active Exercise Test (AET)
  • AET & RMR Reports Explained
  • Support from Physio & Exercise Coach

Gold Package

379 Initial Test & Repeat 8-10 weeks later
  • The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) x 2
  • The Active Exercise Test (AET) x 2
  • AET & RMR Reports Emailed & Explained
  • Support from Physio & Exercise Coach
  • Movement Screen - with our Physios

Platinum Package

649 Initial Testing & Repeat @ 8, 16, 24 weeks
  • The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) x 2
  • The Active Exercise Test (AET) x 2
  • AET & RMR Reports Emailed & Explained
  • Support from Physio & Exercise Coach
  • Movement Screen - with our Physios
Sports Elite

Get a Personalised Nutrition Plan & Advice Based on Your PNOE Assessment Results & Overall Goals for just €149p.m

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If you want to pursue a diet plan for weight loss and to improve your metabolism then the ‘PNOE Precision diet’ will provide you with a bespoke nutrition plan for you to follow.

On completion of the information of dietary preferences and allergen considerations, you will receive 24/7 online support with an expert PNOE nutritionist. You will also receive a meal by meal planner based on your dietary and health requirements and overall goals.

The PNOE precision diet is based on the way your body is currently functioning on a metabolic level i.e. how much Fat and Carbohydrate you burn as well as taking your cardiac, lung and overall results from the fitness test into account when designing your tailored three-month weight loss or nutrition plan. 

The majority of successful weight loss plans also require an exercise programme. Your PNOE test results will show you exactly how many calories your body requires on a daily basis and from that, we will be able to design a personal training programme that will allow you need to achieve your goals. The PNOE fitness test will also show you your “Fat Max Zone” i.e. the heart rate you burn the most fat. This varies for everybody and as a result, PNOE provides much more accurate guidance than following the traditional, average fat-burning heart rate zones.

The PNOE Precision Diet costs €179 per month for a minimum subscription of three months. This will also include specific exercise advice based on the exact type and amount of exercise you need to make that positive impact on your overall health and weight loss goals.

Get Specific Exercise Programmes & Fitness Advice Based on Your PNOE Assessment Results & Overall Goals

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APC physios, strength coaches and PNOE exercise physiologists and coaches from our sports clinic will design a customised training programme based on your training needs and fitness test results. Typically, you will see noticeable improvements after 8-12 weeks of consistent training.

Each programme will be carefully designed so that you train within the ‘exact’ heart rate zone’ for the correct amount of time to actually allow you to finally make those meaningful changes. Your PNOE test results will clearly identify any metabolic improvements that need addressing.

The PNOE fitness test results will also highlight the types of training your body requires based on your goals. Some people often do too much of one activity and are not training as smart or effectively as possible and therefore get less than optimal results. You will get an exact breakdown on how much cardio, resistance training and conditioning work you should be doing and a weekly planner of what days you should do each activity taking rest into consideration from expert sport physios.

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Do you want to find out more about the PNOE Assessment

Got any questions? If so, we are happy to answer them…
Send us a message below and we will be in touch with you shortly 

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Get in touch below, tell us what your fitness goals are and we will be in touch with you shortly. We also specialise in the treatment of hip and knee pain & neck and shoulder pain. Feel free to contact us for expert physiotherapy advice.


What if I only want one fitness test?

This is no problem. You will be tested. Your test results will be emailed to you and explained over the phone. Should further exercise or dietary advice be advised this will be discussed as each case is unique.

What if I want to be retested at a later date?

For people who wish to be retested at a later stage to monitor how their metabolism, fitness or health scores have changed since the last day, then are the following package options so that you can save money while keeping your head in the game and focused on increasing performance

What will I get for this?

The fee includes an antibacterial air filter – costing 10 euro

On completion of each test you will receive an email copy of your results for the Resting Metabolic Test , Active test, or both depending on what you select.

Our staff will call you to brief you on how to interpret your results.

Where do I go from here?

The choice is yours.

You may decide to continue your current weight loss or fitness regimen.