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Have you recently felt a previous injury or niggle come back over the last couple of weeks?

Maybe you have been in pain for a few weeks/months and your pain has significantly increased? Or maybe even you are experiencing a totally new pain or tightness you haven’t ever experienced? Does this have you worried or anxious about what is going on?

We’re here to tell you not to worry; these episodes are completely normal in a stressful & chaotic time like the one we are all going through. I, myself, have been experiencing neck pain for the first time in a couple of years. This was an issue I had 4 years ago that lasted for approximately 18 months; it is no coincidence it has decided to return now.

Let’s look at why this is happening. 

The last few weeks have been very stressful for us all. We are entering totally unprecedented territory and with this brings the fear of the unknown, which often manifests itself as leaving us in this state of anxiety. Some of you may notice yourself feeling extra anxious or stressed out recently.

However, some of you may not be aware of this; it may be happening in a more sub-conscious manner. It is likely that these strange times are taking their toll somewhere on your mental/emotional health. For example, even being out of your normal routine and daily life can bring up these issues. 

We will discuss later what we can do for this added stress, but first let’s talk about how this can be related to pain.

The experience of pain is to protect us; pain is your body’s harm alarm. When you touch a hot frying pan, your body raises the harm alarm to protect you so you won’t do this again. Numerous things can change the sensitivity of this alarm; one is stress. Ongoing stress can increase the sensitivity of your harm alarm (i.e. things that used to not cause pain will now start causing pain); ongoing stress can also decrease your pain tolerance (so if you were experiencing pain, the level of this pain can increase); ongoing stress will also increase your chances of a totally new injury. 

Although being in pain is the last thing you wanted on top of the added stress you may be experiencing, most of what we have seen so far through our video consultations haven’t been anything serious.

General advice to help yourself decrease your levels of stress and levels of pain:

    1. Exercise – partake in pain-free exercise daily – walking, running, cycling, try this online exercise video here or do whatever works for you.
    2. Meditation & Breathing exercises – very powerful to get the body into rest & digest mode. Try our body scan video here.
    3. Nutrition – eating poorly can easily happen at times like these – minimize sugar & processed food.
    4. Sleep – a good night’s sleep is heavily linked with stress & pain – the other 3 are very linked to this one too.


These 4 areas will definitely influence your stress & pain levels, however some of you may need more specific treatment or exercises. We have launched or video consultations to help people get on top of their pain. We haven’t changed our process much from face-to face appointments, as 80-90% of our process was always movement and exercise based. We will assess your history and then have a look at your movements; we then use this information to take you through some self treatment techniques and exercises to start you on your recovery.

Now is the perfect time to join our weekly Online Pilates or Movement Classes designed by Physios with over 20 years of experience. Our physios experience is there for you to benefit from. You’ll get a minimum of 3 classes a week!

If you would like to talk to one of our Physios or even book at Video Consultation you can do so by calling (02535015) or emailing ([email protected]) or messaging us on Facebook. You can also click the button below to make a booking. For video physio consultations, we are giving a 40% reduction on the normal price of our assessment to support people in these unprecedented times.

Pre and Post Surgery Support
We create a customised exercise plan and take you through your specific rehab exercises to reduce your pain.

Another important point to mention is that you may be experiencing pain due to the lack of movement/activity or increased sitting some of you may be going through. We are also running online Pilates and Movement Revolution classes. For more information about these, you can click here.

And remember,


Below is our most recent review, check it out. 

Nora Áine Ní Mhurchú
Nora Áine Ní Mhurchú
Recommends APC - Physio & Sports Clinic.
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Excellent clinic. Very helpful and accommodating staff. The Movement Revolution class is brilliant. You'd really notice the difference when attending. This class really helps with any aches or pains while increasing flexibility and mobility. I really notice a difference in mobility. Staff cater to every need and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. They have been great since Covid 19 with the online classes and support. The online classes are very accessible and everything is explained in fine detail. Would highly recommend APC Clinic.

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