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At APC Physio, we pride ourselves on our long-standing reputation for working with local sports clubs, from GAA , Rugby and racquet-based clubs to athletics and triathlon clubs. Our expertise in sports physiotherapy and athletic therapy helps club members identify areas for improvement, enhance their training, and reduce the risk of injuries.

We can offer a service tailored to your needs through information, education, assessment and continued support.

Tailored Sports Programs:


We can deliver a tailored once of workshop or seminar, designed to address questions specific to the nature of your sport and common injuries. This can be in the form of a presentation on a chosen topic or a group workshop that includes assessment of imbalances or weaknesses and expert Physio advice on correcting these to reduce risk of injury and maximise performance.

Physio services

We’re happy to discuss discounted Physio rates for your club members should they require treatment for an injury or would like a full assessment and advice on training and how to get the best performance.
We have attended many sporting events in the past to deliver onsite physio services on the day from GAA to Cricket. Our Team have 40+ years combined experiences in many disciplines.

physio exercise with client

Physio led exercise classes

We can deliver a block of classes, designed by our experienced Physios to address specific needs of your Club, depending on your Club's sport and athletes’ needs.
Whether it's endurance sports, Racquet sports, GAA.
We can deliver these classes either in your facilities or our own Physio studio in Cork City or Fermoy.

MATCH Physiotherapy and Club Physiotherapy for GAA Teams

MATCH Physiotherapy

Our MATCH Physiotherapy services are specifically designed for GAA teams and other sports clubs, providing comprehensive support on and off the field.

Concussion and Post-Concussion Management

We prioritise the safety and well-being of athletes, offering specialised services for concussion management.

Why Choose APC Physio?


Our team is highly qualified and experienced in dealing with sports-related injuries and performance enhancement.

Customised Solutions:

We provide personalised care and tailored programs to meet the specific needs of your club and its members.


We are dedicated to helping athletes achieve their full potential while minimising the risk of injury.

Benefits of Partnering with APC Physio

Reduced Injury Risk:

Proper assessment and targeted exercise plans reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Enhanced Performance:

Personalised training programs help athletes improve their strength, flexibility, and overall performance.

Confidence and Empowerment:

Our detailed guidance and expert support give athletes the confidence to follow their training plans effectively.

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Patrick Hanley

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Certified Athletic Therapist

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Craig Grehan

Certified Athletic Therapist

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