Are you going through the motions with your exercise/activity routine?

Or maybe your exercise and activity levels have just gradually declined?

We all get stuck in this rut from time to time, but it’s important to know why this is happening, so then you can do something about it!

At APC, we’ve seen thousands of people who have stopped being active for many different reasons. These are the main reasons we see:

1. Lack of Exercise Routine

calendar sheets

We human beings are creatures of habit. Exercising and being active is all about creating good habits.

Solution: Fit your exercise routine into your lifestyle. This will be very different for different people. Trying to exercise at the same day and time each week is optimal. Those on shift work can base it on their shift patterns. Without routine, your chances of keeping consistent exercise going is very low.

2. Right Amount/Level

Doing the right amount and the appropriate level is extremely important. Doing too little or too easy won’t have the effects you hope for, but doing too much or too difficult can cause you to injure yourself.

Solution: Get advice on what the right exercise, the right frequency and the appropriate level is for you based on your age and health. At APC, we advise people daily on what the right approach is for them.

APC Physio demonstration arm pull exercise

3. Boredom/Lack of Variety

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If you hate the exercise you are doing, you are not going to be consistent with it or keep it up long term. If you can tolerate it but there is no variety, it will become mundane and you will likely get bored.

Solution: Find a form of exercise you enjoy, or at least don’t mind doing. But also make sure there is a bit of variety in there too, which will make boredom less likely to creep in but also is beneficial for optimal training of the body.

4. Lack of Support/ Accountability

Having support & accountability will make you a lot more likely to keep up your exercise routine, enjoy it and get the results you want.

Solution: Find people or a group that make you feel supported, but also keeps you accountable.

Physio led exercises at APC Physio & Sports Clinic fermoy

At APC, we run different classes that are expertly designed by our Physio Team.. 

Be reassured that you are doing the right training!

We include all elements of health and fitness:

Core Strength

We focus a lot on working our stabilising muscles; these include the core muscles and many more. These muscles can often become dormant and we frequently see them weakened when testing in our clinic.


We include stretching exercises throughout to help relaxation and maximise the movement of all our joints.


We will give progressions of exercises so everyone can challenge themselves to their own level.

Body & Breath Awareness

We will not just tell you to copy our movements but we will teach you how to be aware of your body positions, your muscle activation and control of your movements & your breathing.

Coordination & Balance

We will ensure your movement is fully controlled to optimise your co-ordination which will help improve any tasks you carry out, day-to-day or in sport

Read more about our classes HERE