Why Hands-On Treatment Isn’t Always the Best

Why Hands-On Treatment Isn't Always Best

Despite what we might think when we think of Physiotherapy, hands-on treatment isn’t always the best path to healing.

Imagine this: You’ve been dealing with persistent pain or discomfort, and you decide to seek help from a physiotherapist. You’ve heard that hands-on treatment can work wonders, and indeed, it can! It reduces pain, improves blood flow, and can make you feel better overall. 

However our experienced team at APC Physio know there is more to it than that and here’s the twist: it might not be the complete solution you’re looking for.

The Magic of Hands-On Treatment

Dry Needling at APC Physio and Sports Clinic Fermoy and Cork

Pain Reduction:

One of the first things hands-on treatment accomplishes is reducing your pain. The therapist’s skilled hands can work on those knots and tight spots, providing much-needed relief.

Improved Blood Flow:

As your therapist’s hands glide over your muscles and tissues, they stimulate blood flow. This increased circulation can aid in the healing process.

Relief from Muscle Spasms:

Got a muscle that’s decided to throw a fit? Hands-on treatment can often calm those spasms down, allowing your body to relax.

Tissue Mobilisation:

It’s like a gentle wake-up call for your tissues. Hands-on treatment can help mobilise those stubborn areas, improving their flexibility.

A Healing Touch:

Don’t underestimate the power of human touch. It can have a calming, comforting effect, reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being.

When Hands-On Treatment Falls Short

As wonderful as hands-on treatment is, there are times when it may not be the complete answer to your woes. 

Here’s why:

  1. Addressing Underlying Weaknesses: Sometimes, the root of the problem isn’t just in the area causing pain. There might be underlying weaknesses or imbalances in your body that need attention.
  2. The Need for a Comprehensive Approach: Think of hands-on treatment as the first step in your healing journey. To achieve a full recovery, you often need a detailed rehabilitation program that includes strengthening exercises and targeted strategies.
  3. The 60-70% Milestone: It’s a common misconception that being pain-free means you’re fully recovered. In reality, when you experience relief after a few sessions of physiotherapy, you’re typically around 60 to 70% on your way to recovery. There’s still work to be done and that’s where having a tailored rehabilitation plan comes into its own. 

The Power of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Physio client doing slouching exercise in treatment room

So, what’s the missing piece of the puzzle? Comprehensive rehabilitation. This involves not only soothing the pain but also addressing the root causes and building your body’s strength.

Imagine your physiotherapy journey as a well-thought-out roadmap. Hands-on treatment is the starting point, easing your discomfort and preparing your body for the next steps. But to reach your desired outcome, which is full recovery and lasting well-being, being able to do the things in life that were denied, you need a plan tailored to your unique needs. Cooker cutter exercises programmes help to some degree but to achieve long lasting change you need a bespoke plan.

Hands-on treatment is not always the sole solution for a complete recovery

While hands-on treatment is undoubtedly effective and comforting, it’s not always the sole solution for a complete recovery.

Understanding its limitations and embracing the power of comprehensive rehabilitation can be the key to long-lasting health and wellness.

So, if you’re on your physiotherapy journey, remember that it’s not just about feeling better today; it’s about building a stronger, healthier you for tomorrow. Your body deserves nothing less!

If you’re ready to take the next step on your healing journey, reach out to us. We’re here to guide you towards a holistic approach to physiotherapy that ensures your well-being for years to come.

 If you want more info on how we help people get back to their best even if they have tried physio or chiro before then watch this Video were Patrick explains why our holistic approach works:

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