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We help people reduce pain, regain mobility & build strength so that they can get on with their work and hobbies without worry about their pain coming back to impact their enjoyment of life.

The most important thing for everybody coming through our doors over the last fifteen years in business is PAIN RELIEF. Naturally, pain relief is great and nobody deserves to be living in pain. However this is only the first part of the journey. 

The thousands of people that we have treated have all thought that pain relief is the end goal of physiotherapy and then their problem will be solved for ever. There are many more benefits to physiotherapy at APC.

Our treatment approach is one that will identify exactly the reasons why you are experiencing persistent pain or limited movements that just does not improve. Many people just treat the pain and then stop physiotherapy treatments. Their problem is very likely to come back because they didn’t address or commit to correcting the underlying weakness, imbalance, lack of control or whatever it is. Essentially they are dousing the fire but not rebuilding the scaffold.

Different injuries and complaints take different amounts of time to get better depending on several things such as the nature of the injury, the degree of tissue damage, the type of tissue damage (nerve, muscle, joint, ligament, bone, surgery and general health & fitness levels. In fact it is totally normal to see different people with exactly the same injury take different amounts of time to get right and by that, we could use the following example of a person with a pulled muscle in their back.

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Person A

Pulled a muscle lifting a bag of coal 3 days ago and came into the clinic. They are in a lot of pain and feel limited in their movements but are confident that their back will get better and are happy to engage in gentle exercise, walking and some light exercise in the pool as advised by their physiotherapist.

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Person B

Pulled a muscle lifting a bag of coal 3 weeks ago and then decided to come into the clinic. They are very anxious and worried about their back. Immediately after the injury happened they looked up Google and read that they could have a disc injury and that this might need surgery. Person B is very locked up and cannot (will not) move their backs?

Why do you think this is?

Fear of moving is very common and that, combined with their DIY diagnosis using an internet search, which did not make for nice reading, ramped up that fear factor, leaving them very afraid to move in case they did anything to injure their self diagnosed ‘disc’ problem. It is therefore very important to seek early, professional advice so the scenario B situation does not happen to you. Our physiotherapists will explain to yuo the exact root cause of the injury and the confidence that will see you gradually get better, while your injured tissues heal and you build up strength and confidence so that this problem will not return .

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