Movement Revolution Classes

Created by Patrick Hanley & Danny Mc Auliffe – Movement Revolution’s fluid combination of flows have proven to deliver results again and again during their 25 years of clinical practice.

These flows target multiple body parts at the one time and use a particular combination of breathing and movements to get the best results from your body.

Danny & Patrick are certain that anybody engaging in the programme will feel reconnected with their body with a new level of control and awareness that will leave them feeling strong, more flexible, de-stressed and injury free so you can train harder for longer.

Is Movement Revolution right for you?

Movement Revolution is perfect for those who may not have a high level of fitness, but have done some type of exercise class before. It is also extremely beneficial for those who are at elite level fitness. Our classes will improve your:
  • Body & Breath Awareness – we will not just tell you to copy our movements but we will teach you how to be aware of your body positions, your muscle activation and control of your movements & your breathing.
  • Coordination – we will ensure your movement is fully controlled to optimise your co-ordination which will help improve any tasks you carry out, day-to-day or in sport.
  • Core Strength – we focus a lot on working our stabilising muscles; these include the core muscles and many more. These muscles can often become dormant and we frequently see them weakened when testing in our clinic
  • Flexibility/Mobility – our classes also put a focus on flexibility/mobility; we include stretching exercises throughout the class to help relaxation and maximise the movement of all our joints.
  • Strength – like all good classes we will focus on the strength of all of our muscles; we will give progressions of exercises so everyone can challenge themselves to their own level.
  • Running Technique – yes, running technique can and should always be improved – this will definitely help your performance.
  • Balance – this is a very important component of physical fitness, especially as we get older. We spend time on balance exercises during every class to help you take control of your body when you feel un-balanced

We understand how daunting this can be at the start but we also know how rewarding and life changing it is in the end because we see it with all of our clients when they report:

movement revolution apc

Movement Revolution is a series of exercise that will leave you feeling fit, flexible and pain free after just 10 weeks.

The class uses the most effective exercises that we use in clinic on a daily basis to get people back to full fitness and free from pain. These exercises are condensed into carefully structured movement flows that will improve:

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Craig Grehan

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