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Here at APC we encourage all of our clients to consider partaking in our Physio Pilates programme, which focuses on strengthening your core muscle groups and improving overall wellbeing and flexibility. APC Pilates classes are available in Cork City and Fermoy throughout the year, please call today to enquire about available appointment times.

What is Physio Pilates?

Physio Pilates is not a new fad form of exercise, in fact it has been in existence since the 1920’s and has long been a recommended treatment for those who are experiencing mobility issues. Pilates encourages us to use focus and concentration whilst moving our bodies through a range of very precise motions. These motions can be aerobic or non-aerobic and are beneficial because they help us to stretch and utilise all the major muscle groups in our body without over exertion and in a balanced and safe manner. By concentrating on our breathing, movement and the natural rhythm of our bodies, Pilates encourages us to pay more attention and quickly realise our natural abilities.

Is Physio Pilates right for you?

Pilates is perfect for those who may not have a high level of fitness and is also extremely beneficial for those who are at elite level fitness. In short, Pilates can be practiced by anyone who has the desire to improve their physical and mental well-being. We particularly recommend Pilates for those who are pre or post-pregnancy.

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The benefits of Physio Pilates:

Pilates gives us a number of long-term benefits and is ideal for:

Introducing APC Physio’s Post-Natal Pilates Class

What is Post-Natal Pilates? Our Physio Pilates class is an exercise class tailored for women several weeks after giving birth. The class combines breathing techniques, muscle relaxation/activation and muscle strength/stability exercises to optimise the recovery process post-partum. It is the perfect way to ease back into (or start) exercise after the journey of pregnancy.

Why should I join Post-Natal Pilates?
• Our class is Physio-led hence ‘Physio Pilates’
• Know how to exercise safely after a c-section
• Know how to assess and rehab your tummy muscles
• It will rebuild your abdominal & pelvic floor muscles
• It will decrease any back, pelvic, shoulder/neck pain
• It will help you return to sport safely
• Feel stronger lifting your baby
• Feel less stiff and move more freely
Reduce the risk of prolapse/injury and future pelvic floor problems
• It will reduce/prevent incontinence

When should I start?
We recommend 4-6 weeks post-partum; however, you may wait up to 8 weeks after C-section depending on how you feel.

How Long?
The physio Pilates class duration is approximately 1hr – the blocks will last 4 weeks (and then restart). You can continue for as long as you want. You can also progress to our standard physio Pilates classes when you feel ready.

Do I need to be screened first?
It is advisable to book in for a Physiotherapy appointment if you:

  • Have moderate-severe pelvic/back pain
  • Are unable to lie on the floor for greater than 10 minutes.
  • Have a severe prolapse.
  • Have a large diastasis recti (greater than 4 fingers)





Pilates Classes Fermoy

Whether you’re already a Physio Pilates convert or want to try it for the first time, the team here at APC will guide you through everything you need to know in order to get the very best benefits from our classes. We have seen the difference Pilates makes to individuals of all ages and abilities and are strong advocates of the core principles of Pilates. APC offers Pilates classes in Fermoy and Cork City and we would love the opportunity to speak with you about the many benefits this wonderful form of exercise can offer. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment and discover the many benefits of Pilates for yourself.

Equipment based Pilates:

Physio Pilates can be practiced in 2 ways – equipment based Pilates and mat based Pilates. Equipment based Pilates can include small specific equipment that is used to further strengthen and stretch your core muscles. Typically we use small weights or resistance equipment.

Mat based Pilates is best explained as a series of exercises that are performed without any equipment, using just your own body weight to provide the resistance that is necessary to improve muscle strength, balance and posture.


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Pilates Cork

Improve core strength, flexibility, reduce stress, feel great, also ideal for pre and post pregnancy. Get in touch with the APC team today to learn more about Pilates and how it can benefit you.

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