Patrick Hanley

Lead Physiotherapist

I am very grateful to where I am today. I love my job and all that comes with it. I rise to the challenges and take pride in every minute of every day to see our clinic grow from strength to strength and more importantly see the satisfaction on our customers faces when they walk out the door, feeling much fitter and stronger, with little or no pain after their time with us.

I enjoy keeping fit and have competed internationally as a Junior, Senior and Junior Coach in the sport of Racquetball since 1995. I like to travel and experience other culture. I try to keep up my foreign language skills where possible and am likely to utter any combination of German, French, Irish or the occasional bit of Spanish on a daily basis.

Before we go any further I would like to tell you a little about myself and where I am coming from.

I am a chartered physiotherapist and accredited sports physio. I am a keen sports person who dabbles in a bit of everything from Racquetball, Squash, Functional Strength Training, Mountain biking, Surfing and tiddlywinks.!!

I love my job and am so grateful for that. Every single day I feel privileged for being in a position to be able to help people who suffer in pain in whatever of the many forms it comes in be it, chronic pain, stiffness, achy, sharp or stabbing or simply a fear of moving because your back might ‘lock’ or ‘go out’ our your knee might buckle. . I too have had various back strains, disc injuries, knee ligament sprains, golfers and tennis elbow, severe neck pain – and a lot more besides over the years, the pinnacle of this being a disc injury that happened to be when doing awkward movement back in 2010.

At the time I was relatively fresh out of college just 2 years previous and attended a reputable physio who assessed and treated my back over a period of a few months and provided me with sound advice and I followed that. I was determined to get myself back to normal and gradually started doing a back strengthening programme in the gym to allow me to safely get back to my normal life without the daily reminder of having a problem and to be able to play sport at a high level again.

I was aware of how long these things can take and that it can often be a long and arduous road to recovery that is trying and testing to ones patience, resolve and character.

I understand the frustrations and burden pain can put on person and I let know stone unturned in helping all clients at APC physio make the very best of their time with us.

Thankfully during my youth I was again fortunate to have a supportive family with a great work ethic, a trait that I have to my very core. During those early years my parents ran a family supermarket business and from this I learned the real meaning of customer service delivery and satisfaction.

Customer service was about listening to what people wanted and how they wanted it.
Customer satisfaction was the proof in the pudding that your services were good enough and that they kept returning for that specialised / personalised shopping experience that they enjoyed.
Growing up I loved to work and understood the importance of it providing discipline, responsibility, accountability and all the rest.
In my leaving cert year I knew I either wanted to do veterinary or physio both well over 500 points (out of 600). Both well outside of my range so I parked that idea for a while.

After a decent leaving cert I attended University to study Biochemical sciences in UCC in 1997 and trudged through four years to get a degree majoring in Neuroscience.

At that particular juncture on my early adult life employment was to the fore with a capital ‘E’ and I moved to Dublin to work in a hospital laboratory as a biomedical scientist. After a little over three years there I realised I had a different calling and returned to University to do physiotherapy which was still very much a burning ember deep inside me.

I was delighted and very grateful to finally get my chance to do the course I so wanted to do for so long. After all only 7 years had past, 5.5 of which involved studying.
The minute I started Physiotherapy in Northumbria university, Newcastle, I knew it was for me. In embraced my new skills and ability to be able to listen to people’s pain problems and to be able to advise them how to modify their lifestyles for the better. Thumbs up all round.

So I stuck the head down and grafted away like my years before me had taught me so well to do, embracing every learning opportunity. I felt more positive by the day knowing I could help people to reduce pain, how understand their pain, not to fear pain, how to engage in exercise with confidence, while getting their lives back on track.

On graduating in 2008 I immediately set up practice and worked diligently to further develop my physio
Knowledge and skills by learning from the best in the world in their respective specialised areas of research and clinical practice. This has been tough at times having to leave work and go to a foreign land for 3-4 weeks at a time where the sun was shining and the brain cells were pumping. This process has not stopped since graduating and will keep that way.

From 2008 to the present I have worked with a broad range of conditions and pain problems with various societies and sporting bodies.

My personal commitment to the minority sport of Racquetball also helped mold me into who I am today.
Having competed at a National, European and World level as a junior, senior and more recently as a junior coach I know what it takes to get there. The commitment, the sacrifices, the discipline, and it is all worth it for the feeling of pride of wearing your country’s jersey, representing everything that you have trained for all your life while listening to your national anthem.

At the moment APC operates out of two locations, Fermoy and Cork City with a fantastic team of therapists and staff to help and support you.

We treat a wide variety of clients ranging from back and neck pain, before & after surgery joint replacement rehabilitation, shoulder pain , sports injuries rehab , MS PD, fitness and weight management classes, nutrition advice.

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