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What’s sports massage Cork? First, ask yourself a question. Do you find yourself suffering from tired, aching muscles after exertion? Do you find the aches and pains afterwards are not worth the trouble of exercising? Have you accepted this to be the case as you get older? How would you feel if someone told you that it’s possible to banish those aches and pains?

Are you an athlete or a sportsperson who is constantly suffering with an injury? This must be hindering your sports career. What if you knew that there was a way to prevent or lessen the effect of injury before it happens? What if you found a way to train the body to resist injury? Think sports massage Cork at APC Physio.

What is Sports Massage Cork?

ACP Physio is neither a leisure centre nor a luxury spa. Here you’ll get a therapeutic sports massage to keep you in optimal health and condition. Come to us for the deep tissue massage which will treat your musular and fascials system and bring your body back into perfect balance and harmony. Our massage is not about pampering and relaxation. It’s a certified medical therapy to effectively target your muscles, tendons and ligaments. To ease your back pain. To work out the tension in your shoulder and neck. To treat your Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury in a therapeutic manner. Whether you’re interested in keeping yourself in tip-top condition or you have a sports-related injury, we’re here for you.

What Sports Massage is Not!

Sports medicine is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary treatment approach. Massage, as a therapy, is well-known. In many of the eastern cultures, it’s an age-old therapy. It’s ironic that many people seem to view this ancient art in a rather frivolous way. They think it’s a form of recreation. A luxurious indulgence. Yet it’s much more than that. Sports massage Cork is a serious therapy. A treatment administered by a branch of medicine. It’s a therapeutic treatment, administered by qualified physiotherapists. These are practitioners with many years of experience treating athletes and sportspeople to be at their best. 

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports medicine has grown into an area which has enhanced the health and performance of athletes and sportspersons. At APC physio, we deliver professional sports massage by highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists. We have a clinic in Fermoy as well as in Cork city. Whether you’re an athlete or an enthusiastic amateur sportsperson, you’re welcome to try our services. Your physical condition will improve and so will your performance. We can help you get into great shape. You will be more supple than ever and be empowered and well equipped to avoid injuries through the skills and understanding our physiotherapists provide you. 

Sports Massage Fermoy

Soft Tissue Therapy

According to the Association of Soft Tissue Therapists, sports massage and soft tissue therapy is the same thing. The association also asserts that it’s not only for sportspersons and athletes. It is also for anyone who needs to recover from or even prevent, soft tissue injury. Anyone who’s interested in sports massage Cork and its therapeutic effects should avail of this therapy. Its preventive qualities are many. It can help maintain the suppleness of the body and alignment of the body tissues. Not only this, but it also lessens the recovery time. There are many benefits to be had from this innovative treatment. It’s hardly surprising that it’s becoming more popular and that more people are enquiring about it. The awareness and interest around the topic of Sports Massage Cork has been growing in recent times.

It’s Not Just for Relaxation – It’s Therapeutic!

Sports massage Cork is great therapy. You will see the benefits from the outset. However, there’s one point that must be borne in mind. Forget all your preconceived notions about massages. If you think you’re going to be pampered, you’re wrong. Instead, you’ll get a deep tissue massage where you will feel the immediate benefit and know you’ve had some serious work done on your body. It’s a type of training. You’ll be doing some work on yourself but you’ll be allowing someone to work on you to prevent you from having pain in the future. That’s the beauty of this therapy. It truly lives up to the wisdom of prevention being better than cure. Yet it treats sports injury with skill and care and keeps you smiling and doing what you do best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the questions that people often ask us about sports massage. Here at Sports Massage Cork, we’ve heard every kind of question about this therapy. These are the type of answers we give. 

Q. 1: How does sports massage work?

Sports massage is also known as Deep Tissue Massage. It can help reduce tension and muscle stiffness and release soft tissue adhesions. They are scar-like formations, the result of acute soft tissue damage owing to repetitive stress injury or even from chronic overload or overtraining or poor posture. As an athlete, you can find yourself involved in activities that lead to repetitive movements of joints and the soft tissues of the body. It can also help the body to overcome microtrauma which can build up in the tissue of the muscles. Over time, they can develop into tightness and areas of tension and can cause pain and affect performance. The deep tissue techniques of sports massage can help to release this tension and reinvigorate the body. The technique increases blood flow in that area of the body. This helps the body to repair itself and eventually to heal in an optimal manner.

Q. 2: What are the types of sports massage?

There are several types of sports massage. These types include:

  • Pre-event Massage – This is a massage in the lead up to a big sports event. It could be a race, a match or an athletics event. The pre-event massage could be administered a few days or even a few hours before the event. Pre-event massage is usually energising and not too deep. It simply prepares the muscles and joints to get into the best possible condition for the upcoming event.
  • Post-event massage – Post-event massage is often made available after sports events. This helps the athlete to recover. As well as treating emerging problems that may have appeared in the race, it will soothe and ease tired muscles. It also helps prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Stiffness (DOMS) which can occur in sportspersons and athletes after sports and athletic events.
  • Maintenance Massage – It doesn’t matter what level of athlete or sportsperson you are, Maintenance Massage is something to consider adding to your training regime. This treatment helps to treat tissue that has become tight and painful. It can, of course, help to improve performance and prevent injury.
  • Injury treatment – Sports massage can be part of the therapy to treat specific soft tissue injuries. It helps to reduce recovery time. Every good sports massage therapist has knowledge of techniques to treat injury. Such techniques include trigger point therapy, different muscle energy techniques and kinesiology taping.

Q. 3: Who can benefit from sports massage?

This therapy can benefit a wide range of patients. Whether you’re a top athlete, a busy mother or a retired person, you can benefit from a sports massage. Conditions that respond well to treatment include:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Tension headaches
  • Whiplash
  • Pain in neck and shoulders
  • Pain in the upper and lower back
  • Knee pain (runners knee)
  • Shoulder pain (swimmers shoulder)
  • Tight calves/hamstrings/IT Band Syndrome
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in the hands, wrists and forearms
  • Golfers elbow
  • Plantar fasciitis

Q. 4: When should I have a sports massage?

In an ideal situation, everyone would have a massage on a weekly basis. This would flush out microtraumas before they evolve into problems and keep the muscles in optimal shape. The truth is, however, that most of us will only start looking for this therapy when a problem has emerged. Usually, it takes much longer to treat a fully-developed injury than it does to treat an early-stage problem. If you feel that you have a problem in the making, you should arrange an appointment at the earliest possible opportunity. You will be thankful of money well spent and proud of yourself for being proactive and not reactive.

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