Effective Treatment to Reduce Pain & Get You Back Living a Happy & Healthy Life

We help people in Cork to get long lasting pain relief so that they can get back enjoying life without the worry or fear of the problem coming back.

Get lasting relief and feel like you again with APC Physios 5 Step treatment process that guarantees results.

Expert Hands On Treatment for Immediate pain relief

Get to the actual root cause & understand how to stop the pain from returning 

Build strength & confidence with your tailored rehabilitation plan

Invest time now in your future health & wellbeing

Heres what you can expect from APC Physiotherapy

We listen to your full story.

Take your time to tell us your full story so you can tell us everything and we get your full history.

rehab after hip surgery

Hands on assessment & treatment

Get effective pain relief by quickly getting to the root cause of your pain & learn how to stop it from coming back.

Our 5 step recovery process that Guarantees Results

Trust the process and you will make a full recovery

Over 10,000 People Treated in Cork Since 2008

Who we work with

We are proud to work with many of the most recognised and successful sporting organisations in Ireland 

APC’s Patrick Hanley, Chartered Physiotherapist, Accredited Sports Physiotherapist, Certified Strength Coach

Male & Female Physios to support your full recovery

The APC Team – Steven, Finola, Patrick & Catherine

Full access to our on site rehab gym

Accelerate your Recovery & Feel your strength and confidence return in our supportive rehab gym settings

APC Physiotherapy @ Club Vitae, Clayton Hotel, Cork City 

APC Physiotherapy – Supportive Rehab Gym 

Save Money

Package Rates, Health Insurance & Tax Reclaims

Special Physio Rates , get receipts so you can claim back and save money

We Accept 

What our customers say about us

Their stories are uplifting and show there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Supportive & Enthusiastic staff with your wellbeing in mind

Friendly staff who will leave no stone unturned so you can focus on making the best recovery possible. 

Stress Free

Parking, Scans, Referrals & Reports.

We have you covered when it comes to all communications with GPs, Consultants and Employers. Hassle free. 

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Get in touch to book an appointment, ask our physios a question or discuss a suitable treatment plan tailored just for you 

In Pain? APC Can Help...

✓  Back Pain & Sciatica 

✓  Sports Injury

✓  Hip & Knee Pain

✓  Neck & Shoulder Pain

Sports Massage

Dry Needling & Many More…


Classes - In House & Online

Feel supported in our rehab gym, classes and from the comfort of your own home with our online Pilates & Movement classes and training programs. 

In-House Class

Physio Led Classes

Movement Revolution


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Club Vitae, Clayton Hotel, Lapps Quay, Cork, T12 RD6E

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