Back Pain & Sciatica

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Low Back Pain

Back pain, particularly lower back pain, is one of the most common complaints we see here at APC Physio in Cork and Fermoy and this is not without good reason.

All too often we hear our clients tell us we were the last port of call when it came to the treatment of their back pain and Sciatica pain relief. They had tried hot baths, rest, back or sciatica exercise, stretching, painkillers, alternative therapies and back massages without ever considering the source of their pain. In fact, many of our clients actually thought the pain would disappear if they left it long enough!

It is vitally important to remember that any pain experienced by the body is a warning sign; it’s our body telling us there is something wrong – why do we not listen?

Recognising your back pain

Problems with your back may not always present themselves as severe pain but can manifest in other warning signs that can sometimes be easy to ignore.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please do get in touch with us here at APC Physio Fermoy and Cork and we will arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible:

Effective Treatment for Your Back Pain and Sciatica

Here at APC we realise the importance of providing bespoke treatment programmes to each and every client. We will upon initial consultation, undertake a full assessment of your back pain or Sciatica pain and identify the area that is causing you discomfort. This is where the magic starts.

Patrick and his team of experts will put together a targeted physiotherapy programme designed just for you, every step of this programme will be constructed to target and alleviate any issues we have uncovered and will put you on the road to a life free of pain in a way that your body appreciates.

We are listening to what your body is really saying and can therefore provide the right solutions that will help you to heal and rehabilitate without the use of medication, unneeded procedures or alternative therapies.

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Dry Needling for Back Pain

You think you have tried everything but have you tried dry needling?

Watch Patrick explain how dry needling can help you: 

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Client Stories

Back Pain and Sciatica FAQs

Q: I think my back is damaged, can physio even help?

A: You may have heard terms like “wear and tear”, “trapped nerves” and “bulging discs”. These can sometimes reinforce the idea that your spine is damaged and it is dangerous to move.

However, research has shown that the above terms are misleading and are not responsible for the majority of pain. These “abnormalities” can actually be considered a normal part of ageing, and can be thought of as getting grey hairs on the inside.

If these structures are the true source of pain, which a thorough physio assessment can tell you, getting to the root cause of why these structures have become irritated is key to long term change.

Like Sciatica pain for example, concentrating on the Sciatic nerve by only doing Sciatica stretches and Sciatica exercises is not all we want to do. We want to look at how your body is moving, your mobility and your strength. These may be why your Sciatic nerve is becoming irritated.

Q: Will resting it not help?

A: Bed rest is a common treatment that is prescribed to people with back pain, however, most people with a flare up of back pain can’t get too comfortable in bed and worse yet, when you have to get up, the pain will have increased because your joints and muscles will have stiffened up.

Q: Should I stop moving my back before I go to physio?

A: A common issue with episodes of back pain is tensing the muscles in your torso (abs and lower back); sometimes this is OK to prevent painful movements, however if we do this all day, for a few days it can increase stiffness & pain and will obviously prevent movement of the back (some of which may help). 

Another issue which we see quite often, is when people keep repeating the painful movements (to check if it’s still sore).This movement may be painful because some muscle/joint/nerve is irritated, so there’s no need to irritate it more by repeating the movement that is painful. 

In other words, do keep moving within pain free limits.

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