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Category: Back Pain

Back Pain
Could you be making your pain worse?

Don’t make your pain worse When you have an injury, pain or niggle, it’s human nature to try to do something to help it. Most

Woman sleeping in a bed
Back Pain
How Sleeping Position Can Affect Pain

How sleeping position can increase or decrease your pain Do you twist and turn constantly in bed to get comfortable? Are you waking up with

Back Pain
Finding the chink in the chain

Getting to the root cause of your pain Another way of putting this is finding out where your ‘’chink in the chain’’ is, in relation

Physio treating female patient's leg
Back Pain
Lets Talk about Sciatica

So let’s talk about “Sciatica”. What is it? Image Source: https://miamineurosciencecenter.com/en/conditions/sciatica/ In order to understand “Sciatica”, firstly we must know what the Sciatic Nerve actually

Patrick explaining treatment
Back Pain
Do You Have Good Posture?

What is good posture? Posture is a word that is thrown around very often. When people think about posture, the common concept is that it

whiplash physiotherapy treatment
Back Pain
Why the Root Cause matters most

The Root Cause is more important than the Pain/Injury If your roof was leaking, would you spend all your time and money concentrating on the

dry needling hero
Back Pain
Is Dry Needling Really That Good?

Dry needling is an effective technique to help reduce pain. In essence it works to reduce muscle and fascia related pain by relaxing tension knots,

osteoarthritis nerve pain fibromyalgia hero
Back Pain
Osteoporosis & Bone Health

What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a reduction in bone density which in turn results in an increased risk of a ‘fracture’, or a simplified term

Movement is Medication

Movement comes in many ways – here is a photo of our Movement Revolution Class   “The day you stop playing is the day your

whiplash physiotherapy treatment
Back Pain
Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment

Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment helps people recover after a road traffic accident (RTA)  or an awkward fall. Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment is often required after a sudden


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