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What is it?

Essentially it is doing exercise before surgery

Why would I do it?

Because you will work muscles that are likely to be affected by the ongoing pain that you are experiencing for so long at this stage.  This pain affects the ability of the muscle to work properly and therefore it weakens and shrinks (atrophies). Prehab will benefit hugely and you will be familiar and very confident with your exercises once your surgery is done – this in turn helps your overall recovery.


What are the benefits?

We can see the improved recovery after surgery when our proactive clients engage in just an eight to ten-week block of ‘PREHABILITATION’.  Prehab is pre-essentially preparing the body for surgery by getting the cardiovascular system fitter and the muscles switched back on again and strong before the surgery date so that they are better prepared for the rigours of surgery.

Once the new joint is in won’t I be good to go? 

Ah – Not exactly!

The one thing we say to our clients about how servicing your car with the mechanic and going for surgery differ is that you can expect to drive out of the mechanics workshop at 100 miles per hour (if you like) but you must slowly rebuild the body after surgery. This takes time (several months not weeks just so you are aware), perseverance and commitment from you, a tailored rehab programme and a solid support team to guide you on the road to a full recovery.

5 Step process pre and post hip or knee surgery guide


Fill out the information needed by clicking the link below and

Post Operative Rehabilitation

This basically relates to your recovery after the surgery.

The focus here will be getting the body working efficiently again and thereby maximise your ability to get the most from your surgery.

Here we focus on getting the correct muscles working to support the area in question. Our approach guides you through exercises that target above, below and around the area in question so that the whole system re learns how to move properly again so you do not develop any compensations or bad habits that can be so tricky to correct if seen 4 or 5 months down the road for the first time. Trust us on this one we see it all of the time where someone ‘though they would be ok’ and 5 months later come in with a very stiff knee joint that won’t bent or a walk that is lopsided because the surround muscles are still too weak because they were not worked properly.

The key is to get in for physio after your surgery and you won’t regret it because we will provide you with your exercise plan and own videos of exactly how to do your routine.

We will also make sure you are fully fit and safe to return to work or sport or whatever activity it is you need to get back to by the time you are done with us.

Like to speak to a Physio?

If you are unsure about where to turn for help and advice because you have had several bad experiences in the past don’t worry. We understand where you are coming from and how frustrating it can be.

That is why we have a few options in the form of a FREE  phone or face to face ‘Strategy session’ for you to discuss your needs before even making that first physiotherapy appointment or rehab session with us.

People find these really helpful because it gives you the opportunity to speak or meet with one of our specialist physiotherapists so you can get a better understanding of how our proven treatment system can help you, so you can make the best decision possible for the next step on your journey to recovery.

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