Hip Surgery Prehabilitation

Are you after planning to go for or recently after hip surgery?

Are you unsure of what to do next but know deep down you should be doing something to build up the muscles around your hip and to really improve your walking as it still a little off or you notice that you are walking with a limp, and that’s even with help of a walking stick.

You probably also notice that your body is shifted off to one side as you walk due to the pain or habit of trying to keep weight off your painful hip. You might also become increasingly aware of people commenting and staring for a little longer than is comfortable as you make your way around which doesn’t feel nice or instil you with confidence.

The following few paragraphs will give you a fundamental idea of what you should be doing for your hip. The first part will discuss options for people who are waiting for surgery. The second section will discuss rehabilitation options for those who have recently had surgery or for those who are a few months down the line but realise they need to get doing something soon.

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Have you booked in for hip surgery in the next two to three months?

The research & our clinical experience supports that physiotherapy prescribed exercises before your surgery can significantly help with recovery afterwards (ie improved confidence, shorter rehab times & better results). This responsible proactive approach is called ‘ prehabilitation’ (Pre-hab –ili – tation) and helps prepare your body for the surgery. It also helps you to familiarise yourself with a number of exercises that you will be using at various stages after your surgery as some people can find exercises  challenging to do.

As well as the challenge of physically doing the exercises people are in some discomfort and are fearful of doing more damage and often do not engage fully in their exercise programs. This approach can slow down their recovery time and in more severe cases significantly affect one ability to make a full recovery.


What does our Prehabilitation programme involve?

You will be assessed by our physiotherapy team six to eight weeks preoperatively

Provided with a preoperative exercise programme that is designed to build up strength as well as familiarise you and your body with these exercises, some of which will be used in the early to middle stages of your exercise programme after your hip surgery.

Our clients really see the benefit of this approach because not only has it been shown to improve people’s recovery after surgery, but clients report feeling much more confident doing these exercises in the days & weeks immediately after the operation as they are familiar and the body knows what to do.  This is due to the pre-op exercises they did beforehand. As the saying goes ‘be proactive not reactive’.

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