They seem to be everywhere at the moment. Are they right for you?

Back in 2020, with the Covid pandemic in full force and lock downs restricting our day to day activities, most of us found ourselves living our lives online. Trying to stay fit mentally and physically during such a stressful time, we turned to online exercise programs. 

While some thrived on these, others soon found them repetitive, unappealing and not getting the benefit they were looking for. 

pilates classes

Now that our lives have returned to some form of normality, do online exercise programs still serve a purpose?

Like anything, there are benefits and pitfalls.

The benefits of online exercises classes:

Online programs often suit people with busy lifestyles and unpredictable schedules, for example shift work and other responsibilities that make it difficult to commit to a weekly class at a specific time.

Some people might feel self conscious in group settings and prefer to get started at home with an online exercise program and be more comfortable with exercise in general before joining an in person class.

Transport can also be an issue for people living rurally or who travel a lot. An online exercise program can go anywhere with you and be done at any time.

The main pitfalls of most online exercise programs & classes however are:

Keeping all this in mind, what matters is to pick the right program for you

At APC Physio, we have designed are programs & class packages around these pitfalls and this is why we have:

physio supported exercises
  • A Message Service – have a direct link to our physio team so you can ask them any questions you have
  • Feel supported by our team – know you are doing the right thing
  • We have most of our programs structured into a weekly schedule so you have to stay in routine – making progress is all about creating good habits.
  • You don’t need expensive gear to get the most from our programs

Our Exercise Programs are expertly designed by our Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists & Strength & Conditioning team. 

Be reassured that you are doing the right training!

We include all elements of health and fitness, including recovery, warm ups as well as:

Core Strength

We focus a lot on working our stabilising muscles; these include the core muscles and many more. These muscles can often become dormant and we frequently see them weakened when testing in our clinic.


We include stretching exercises throughout to help relaxation and maximise the movement of all our joints.


We will give progressions of exercises so everyone can challenge themselves to their own level.

Body & Breath Awareness

We will not just tell you to copy our movements but we will teach you how to be aware of your body positions, your muscle activation and control of your movements & your breathing.

Coordination & Balance

We will ensure your movement is fully controlled to optimise your coordination which will help improve any tasks you carry out, day-to-day or in sport.

Warm Up & Recovery

These are the parts everyone forgets about.

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