The Movement Revolution

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Be Part of the Revolution…..The Movement Revolution!!!

What The HECK Is The Movement Revolution??

No, we’re not protesting anything the government is up to ….(well not yet).

But now that I’ve got your attention…. let’s begin at the start.

Movement Revolution as an idea was put together back in 2018 by Clinic Owner Patrick Hanley and his colleague Danny McAuliffe. The idea in itself was to create the most effective exercise regime, that could be therapist led, easily followed, progressive and adaptable and enjoyable.

Movement Revolution took some ideas and movements from Pilates, Yoga, Strength & Conditioning and smashed them together to create a hybrid fusion of them.

The blend of these 3 things takes the most beneficial flowing movements of yoga, slower controlled holds of pilates and more specific bodily segments from strength & conditioning to give you that full body effect.

Movement Revolution

Is Movement Revolution For Me?

This class is perfect for those with a low level of fitness, and have done an exercise class before and eager to improve on that level; AND/OR people who are training away and want that extra 1% gain.

Perhaps you may have been to yoga or pilates before and want something a little more fast paced. Bingo, this is exactly that. Maybe you’ve done a body burn class, and are feeling it isn’t just what you want – excellent, this could be the missing link.

This is for the broad scope of people who want to improve their movements, health and overall well being.

Movement Revolution class testimonial

How So?

Well for the person with the lower levels of fitness, this class, by its mixed hybrid nature will ultimately help improve your fitness. It is more of a kick to the system than one class on its own. Your heart rate will increase, your body temperature will go up, you will sweat.

For the person who is training, think of this as more of an addition to your own level. These classes will help you identify potential kinks in your arsenal, then through participation in the class course helps you improve upon those. Ironing out those kinks, building more resilience. 

The reason why this class is aimed at those with previous exercise experience, is that it is a higher level intensity to the likes of Yoga and Pilates. Therefore it is a challenge. The classes are therapist-led, so there will be an eye on you at all times to help maintain correct movements and positions, either progressing or regressing to an appropriate level for you.

Class of Pilates goers doing lunges

Right, So What Does The Class Work On?

Well as stated earlier these classes are therapist-led and do incorporate a mixture of Pilates, Yoga and Strength & Conditioning. But a bit more about it;

We will not be telling you to be mirror images of us copying our movements, everyones body will be at different stages.

  • We will help you clue in to what to feel in your own body – Stretch, Tightness, Effort so that you become the captain of your own body.
  • Be aware of how breathing at certain stages will control the body differently.
  • Work on coordination of fully controlled movements of the upper and lower body.
  • Incorporating balance, with strength and coordination and mobility.
  • Hit the Core! Effective engagement of stabilising muscle groups, without over reliance on tightness.
  • Regaining more movement through Joint Mobility and Muscle Flexibility, be that with Stretching, Relaxing or working deeper into certain positions.
  • Overall Strength, like any class claiming to be beneficial, this class will look at the whole body, and adapt movements to improve / maintain strong muscle groups.
  • A bit of a sweat, this is not a lay down and go-easy class, you will feel the effort of it. Initially it can be tough, but over the course of the classes you will feel the benefits.

And there's more

Along with benefits made to the above, these classes also help maintain a healthy body. Moderate movement for 30 minutes every day can see improvements in your health. This ranges from lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes amongst others. Exercise also sees the release of the happy hormones in the body. The completion of a class always gives that feel good factor. And the movements revolution classes always create a good buzz of energy; ask the questions “am I doing this right?” or “What am I meant to feel here?”.

Our motto isn’t just a cheesy phrase for the sake of it, it’s tied into the very core of everything we do.

Move Well, Feel Well, Be Well – If you move better, you feel better, thus therefore are well.

If after all this you still feel Movement Revolution isn’t for you, guess what, that is fine. Perhaps our pilates classes might be more your style – See here.

Or if you’re on the fence about the Movement Revolution, but just aren’t 100%, give us a shout. See if we can squeeze you in for a trial class and see for yourself.