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Back Pain
Could you be making your pain worse?

Don’t make your pain worse When you have an injury, pain or niggle, it’s human nature to try to do something to help it. Most

Woman sleeping in a bed
Back Pain
How Sleeping Position Can Affect Pain

How sleeping position can increase or decrease your pain Do you twist and turn constantly in bed to get comfortable? Are you waking up with

Back Pain
Finding the chink in the chain

Getting to the root cause of your pain Another way of putting this is finding out where your ‘’chink in the chain’’ is, in relation

staff hoovering gym
Pain Relief
How to stop Back Pain during House Chores

We’ve all been there… The hoovering, cleaning, washing need to get done…  And we do too much and overload our back, causing mild or severe

Physio treating a stiff neck
Pain Relief
How to Release a “Trapped Nerve”

How to release a ‘trapped nerve’? The title of this blog is purposely misleading. It is to help you recover. We hear this phrase a

Woman walking a dog in the woods
Foot and Ankle
Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis and what can be done about it? What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is probably the most common form of heel

Physio examining elbow pain of tennis player
Pain Relief
How To Resolve Niggling Elbow Pain

Pain in and around your funny bone is not funny! Most elbow pain presents in a similar way. It gradually comes on and starts to

Physical Therapy Cork
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Cork

For many people the term “physical therapy” can have a number of interpretations ranging from therapy connected with injuries caused by accidents and sporting mishaps,

whiplash physiotherapy treatment
Back Pain
Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment

Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment helps people recover after a road traffic accident (RTA)  or an awkward fall. Whiplash Physiotherapy Treatment is often required after a sudden

dry needling at APC Physio Cork and fermoy
Pain Relief
Dry Needling Explained

Is a very useful treatment that can help: reduce pain quickly relax tight and sore muscles get muscles working better stop cramping destress and unwind


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